The 2016 Mazda3 Doesn’t Make You Choose Between Power & Efficiency

2016 Mazda3 Sleek Exterior

What if you could have a sports car with incredible fuel efficiency and flexibility for under $20,000? With the 2016 Mazda3, you can have just that, and then some. Mazda changed the compact car segment with the introduction of the Mazda3 sedan and hatchback, and since then, Mazda has made the Mazda3 better than ever. You won’t break the bank driving an efficient and powerful 2016 Mazda3 in Orange County, CA. Read the rest of this entry >>

Mazda’s SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY is Out of this World


The term may sound out of this world, but the idea behind Mazda’s SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY is simple – increase fuel efficiency, while also increasing engine output. In 2011, Mazda injected its vehicles with SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY. Mazda’s latest and greatest technology can now be found in its engines, transmissions, bodies, and chassis. Let’ take a closer look at how this technology puts the ‘Zoom Zoom’ back into every new Mazda vehicle. Read the rest of this entry >>

The Importance of the Wankel Rotary Engine to Mazda

Team SpeedSource Mazda RX-8 GT

(image from Chris Waits, under CC BY 2.0)

It all started back in 1960 when Mazda was faced with the challenge of becoming more competitive in the tough car market. At this time, an idea for a compact, lightweight rotary engine was all the buzz for car makers. Mazda’s then president, Tsuneji Matsuda, decided it was time to turn that buzz into a reality and this technology eventually helped solidify Mazda as a top global car brand. Read the rest of this entry >>

Looking For a Mid-Sized Sedan? The 2016 Mazda6 is a Must-See

2016 Mazda Mazda6 Sleek Exterior Styling

If you’re in the market for a mid-sized sedan, the 2016 Mazda6 is for you! Not only does it offer superior MPG, horsepower, and handling compared to its competitors like the Camry and Accord, the Mazda6 is also more affordable! With a low-$20,000 starting price, the Mazda6 is loaded with features you’ll love and enjoy. Here are some of our favorites here at Capistrano Mazda. Read the rest of this entry >>

Mazda Hits the Trifecta at the German Design Awards

There’s no doubt that Mazda has a winning design with its current lineup of new vehicles. To add to the winning streak, Mazda took home 3 out of 15 awards at this year’s German Design Awards held in September of this year. The Automotive Brand Contest honors outstanding product and communication design to draw attention to the importance of branding and brand design in the complex automotive industry.

2016 Mazda CX-3 Award-Winning Design Read the rest of this entry >>