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Are there any Mazda vehicles with a V6?

Is Mazda Making an Inline-6 Engine?

Here at Capistrano Mazda in San Juan Capistrano, CA, we love the new Mazda3 Turbo and CX-30 Turbo. The turbocharged 2.5L Skyactiv-G engine is brilliant. However, Mazda uses the engine in vehicle types that would often have a V6 for other companies. It leaves many people wondering…

Are there any Mazda vehicles with a six-cylinder engine? Let’s take a look.

New Mazda Inline-Six Confirmed

While there are no Mazda vehicles currently in production that use a six-cylinder engine, it has been confirmed by a Mazda spokesperson in a statement to Car & Driver magazine that a new longitudinal inline six-cylinder engine is in the works for unspecified Mazda vehicles in the future. It will seemingly come in a couple variants. One will feature a 48-volt hybrid system. Another will use compression-ignition-capable Skyactiv-X technology (click here to see what Skyactiv-X tech is).

Which Vehicles Will Have the I6?

Mazda Vision Coupe concept head-on view

No vehicles have yet been confirmed to use the new inline-six. However, the Vision Coupe concept from a couple of years ago has a very long engine compartment, which is indicative of vehicle having a longitudinal inline-six. Some publications have speculated that the next-gen Mazda6 is essentially going to be an adaptation of the Vision Coupe concept, though there isn’t any Mazda-confirmed evidence to support that. Some publications also pose the CX-9 as a possible recipient of the new inline-six. Again, there is no Mazda confirmation, but is based off the face that the CX-9 is the only Mazda vehicle that always comes standard with a turbocharged engine, making it a likely candidate to get a high-powered engine such as the new inline-six.

Does Mazda make an EV?

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