2021 CX-5 automatic climate controls

Can I turn on the automatic climate control in my Mazda with my phone?

Mazda Connected Services: Automatic Climate Control

Here in San Juan Capistrano, CA, air conditioning is a must. When temperatures get above 100° F, sitting in traffic without A/C is just awful. Luckily, here at Capo Mazda, almost all of our new Mazda vehicles come standard with automatic climate control. Many of them also have Mazda Connected Services capability.

Can you turn on the automatic climate control in your Mazda from your smartphone? Yes! Here’s how.

Turning on Automatic Climate Control with a Smartphone

If you have an active Mazda Connected Services account, you start your Mazda vehicle (if it’s compatible) with remote start. When it starts, your vehicle will automatically use whichever climate control setting was last selected. If you turned off your Mazda vehicle with the automatic climate control also shut off, then you will have to manually turn the climate control back on from inside your vehicle.

How to Start Your Mazda with Remote Start

Starting your Mazda vehicle with remote start is really easy once you know how. It only takes two button presses from your vehicle’s Home screen on the Mazda Connected Services app. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Tap the Remote icon in the bottom left part of the screen.

  2. Press and hold the Start button until the light around the circle fills completely.

  3. The engine will run for up to 15 minutes, until the vehicle is turned off with the Stop button, or when the vehicle’s door is opened.

And that’s it! You’re all set. You can now heat or cool your car while you’re getting ready to go! If you’re having trouble, check out the diagram below.

remote starting Mazda diagram

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