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How to disinfect my car’s leather seats without hurting them?

Cleaning and Disinfect Leather Upholstery Properly

Cleaning your vehicle’s leather upholstery is a time-consuming process. So let’s no waste any time.

Here’s how to disinfect your car’s leather seats without hurts them.

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Disinfecting Leather Upholstery Without Destroying It

Good news: you can rid your car of things like COVID-19 by just regularly and thoroughly cleaning your vehicle. There aren’t any fancy techniques or simple hacks. What you need is good, old-fashioned elbow grease and a few cleaning supplies. Let’s jump into the what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to cleaning your car’s leather upholstery.

When Cleaning Leather Seats, DO:

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  • Vacuum thoroughly beforehand. You’ll be doing a lot of gentle scrubbing, so any dirt particles in-between the leather and your cleaning cloth can damage the leather.
  • Use microfiber cloth and nontoxic cleaners and conditioners. Look for cleaners and conditioners specifically made for leather.
  • Clean and condition regularly. Most experts recommend cleaning leather upholstery around once a month. Conditioning should be done every four to six months, depending on how much use your vehicle gets.
  • Spot-test in a hard-to-see area before you start . If the cleaner you’re using damages your upholstery, you want it to be somewhere that it’s not super noticeable.
  • Section out each seat. By slowly cleaning your leather seats section by section, you minimize the chances of discoloration and damage.

When Cleaning Leather Seats, DON’T:

  • Use bleach, ammonia, or any or harsh cleaner. These types of cleaners eat away at leather, stripping away dye and material from your expensive upholstery.
  • Let wet cleaners dry. Always gently scrub in any solution until it’s been absorbed by the material.
  • Use conditioners made from petroleum or any type of waxes. Both will clog up the pores in the leather, causing the product to build up over time, dulling and degrading your leather.
  • Use too much cleaning solution. A little goes a long way when it comes to cleaning leather. You can easily add more cleaner when necessary, but you can’t take it away when you use too much.
  • Use a brush. Hard bristles will scratch and score the leather. If you absolutely need a brush, try a soft toothbrush or a soft-bristled automotive detailing brush.

Too Much of a Hassle?

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