2021 CX-5 driving on mountain road, rear view

How to turn on Mazda auto-folding mirrors?

Toggling the Auto-Fold Function for Mazda Vehicle’s Outside Mirrors

Not every Mazda model comes with auto-folding mirrors, but some of them do. It’s an underappreciated feature. It thins the profile of your vehicle, which not only makes parking in tight spaces easier, but lessens the chance of vehicle damage when parked. But what if your vehicle has the feature and it’s not working? Chances are that it’s simply not turned on.

Here’s how to toggle Mazda auto-folding mirrors on and off.

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Turning On/Off Auto-Folding Mirrors

If you have auto-folding mirrors, then they are on by default. If they aren’t working they are either affected by cold temperatures or they’ve been turned off already. Here are the steps listed in the 2020 CX-5 owner’s manual on how to turn off (and turn on if already off) auto-folding mirrors:

  • Switch the ignition ON.
  • If the power window lock switch is in the unlock position, switch it to the lock position.
  • Press and hold the front passenger’s power window switch and rear left/right power window switches on the driver’s door at the same time for 3 seconds or longer.

Power-Folding Mirrors

2020 CX-5 power-folding mirrors diagram

If you do the above steps and they don’t work, then you may have power-folding mirrors, not auto-folding mirrors. Here’s are the directions listed in the 2020 CX-5 owner’s manual on how to operate power-folding mirrors:

  • The ignition must be switched to ACC or ON position.
  • To fold, rotate the outside mirror switch.
  • To return the mirror to the driving position, rotate the switch to the center position.

Having Problems?

If your mirrors don’t seem to be folding with either of these processes when they should be, something may have gone wrong. Schedule an appointment at Capistrano Mazda to get the problem diagnosed and fixed. And don’t forget to check out our Service Specials to make sure you’re getting the best prices.