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Where is the VIN number on my Mazda3?

Where to Find the VIN Number on Your Mazda3

A lot of things to do with your car require you to know your VIN number. Many body shops need your VIN. Getting your vehicle registered requires your VIN. Setting up insurance for your vehicle usually necessitates a VIN. Has your vehicle been recalled? Better know where to find your VIN. If you don’t know where to find it, that can make situations like these a bit troublesome.

Worry not, we’re here to tell you where to find the VIN number and how to read it.

So, where is the VIN number on my Mazda3?

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mechanic looking under the hoodWhere to Find Your VIN Number

The VIN number on your Mazda3, or any other vehicle from 1981 or later, is stamped on a thin metal plate. That plate is located on the top of the driver’s side dash, right where the windshield meets the dash. While you can read it from inside your Mazda3, it will be difficult to see and upside-down. The VIN is meant to be read from outside the vehicle, mostly for service and emergency worker convenience. There are no exceptions to this. Any vehicle sold in the US (regardless of where it’s made) is legally required to have a VIN stamped in that spot.

How to Read a VIN Number

The VIN number is 17 characters long and breaks up into 6 different parts. The first 3 characters indicate manufacturing info. The first character is the country the car was manufactured in, the second is the brand, the third is the kind of vehicle. This grouping is called the World Manufacturer Identifier. Characters 4 through 8 tell you details like model, body style, trim, engine type, and series.  The 9th character is a check digit. It is used solely to prove that the VIN is truly assigned to your vehicle. Characters 10 through 13 show the year it was made (models built before 2001 used letters, not numbers). The next character (14) is the assembly plant. The last numbers finish out the serial number of your vehicle.

Owned Your Vehicle for a While?

Check your vehicle’s VIN with the Recall Information Center. Your vehicle may have a repair that it needs that you don’t know about. Order parts for your Mazda3 at Capistrano Mazda.